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Christians On Fire For God

How do you become a Christian?

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The Christian Survival Guide

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Questions and Answers:

What is a Christian Survival Guide??

It is a guide to help understand the Bible and become closer to Jesus and understand the word of God. Not only does your life depend upon it, but your soul is as stake in knowing what is true that others teach and what is false that could lead you away from God. Knowing the difference is that key to surviving in this world with so many false prophets, false leaders, false teachers and those who just get it all wrong and teach the wrong thing. Do not be misled, know the truth.

Is there proof the Bible is True and Accurate and that Jesus existed?

Yes, in fact if you look at many archaeological finds in Egypt and in Iraq, even Israel you find many artifacts that date back to the time of Jesus that even talks about Jesus and what Jesus had done. There is even the personal writings of Pontius Pilate that talks about Jesus. There are Emperors at the time of Jesus that also talk about Jesus from as far away as Asia. Their writings indicate not only was Jesus a thorn in their side, but a threat to their own religions if Jesus was truly the Son of God. Pontius Pilate admitted that after what he saw that Jesus was truly the Son of God.

Next we have the Bible. How accurate is it? Well it is the most accurate and most important historical collection of diaries to date. In fact, they have found dozens of cities described by the Bible by just using the Bible as a foot stool to find those cities and towns. Even the towns Jesus had visited have been found using the Bible as a guide. The place where Jesus was crucified was also accurate, thus many artifacts have been found over the years at the same site including wood used during the time of Jesus. There is so much proof relating to the Bible that over 50,000 artifacts have related to it that state the same thing. Thousands of dead sea scrolls have been found also showing the Old Testament to be true and accurate. Even the inscriptions upon some of the Tombs found in Iraq and Egypt also prove the Bible is accurate for whom was ruling during those time periods. Those who did not believe the Bible was that accurate are stunned to have such a True and Accurate depiction of history right in one book. I would say you need to do some research yourself on just how much proof has been found to show the Bible to be exactly True in all events. Just Google something from the Bible, a place or event and see what proof has been found to prove it really did happen. It will amaze you. Sure you will find there are those who still cannot fathom it being exactly true, but let them doubt, they will find their way one day. They will see the Truth when it hits them in the face. Also research what the Emperors throughout the different kingdoms had to say about Jesus during that time.

Which Bible is the right Bible?

The oldest Hebrew Bible translation can be found online, which will surprise you that what your Bible (Old Testament) today has in it is not exactly what the old original has in it. Close, but not precise. Then there is the oldest New Testament which was written in Greek, which an exact translation can also be found, which also has many differences than your Bible does today. Check it out, get the read Truth.

What parts of the Bible should you concern yourself with the most?

The Chapters in the new Testament. Mathew, Mark, Luke, John and Revelations are the only ones you should keep focused on, since they carry the words Jesus had spoken and they were the true followers of Jesus during that time. Know the words Jesus has spoken and when in doubt from any other part, refer back to the words Jesus had spoken.

Why do so many people get confused about Paul's Letters in Corinthians?

Corinthians is a bunch of letters put into chapters to make them easier to read, however, it is very important to remember that these were letters dug up over a period of time from the Churches they were sent to by Paul's followers and many Churches refer to these letters as a focus of their belief, which is truly wrong to do since Paul did not even become a Christian until 7 years after Jesus had been Crucified and denied Jesus till that time. In this regard, take Paul's letters like a grain of salt, for they even conflict with Mathew, Mark, Luke, and Johns writings and Paul was more of a superstitious Apostle rather than anything else. It is important to know the history of the Bible and how it was put together over time, that Corinthians and Paul's letters and or other writings were not included till many years later. The Original Bible New Testament consisted of Mathew, Mark, Luke, John and Revelations, and Acts and Romans were added years later as well.

Can there be prophecies after the Bible?

No, John was the last prophet and as he wrote Revelations, he included in the last verses that there will be no more prophecies after his. Anyone who adds to those prophecies will have the plagues listed in Revelations upon those who do. Anyone who takes away from the prophecies will be also taken out of the book of life. This means you are condemned if you make a prophecy and pronounce that the Holy Spirit, God or Jesus had said it to you. This is very serious and your soul is at stake if you listen to or announce a prophecy, for your soul is at stake. There is the Charismatic Pentecostal Church that promotes speaking in tongues and speaking each his or her own prophecies, this is only going to lead them to hell, for if the word of God through John is ignored and people do what they want and ignore the warnings John has said in Revelations, they will be condemned. Avoid all those who speak prophecies, those who do are condemned. There is no exceptions to this, John has made it clear in Revelations. You can however refer to Revelations in what is to come, but you cannot make up your own prophecies.

What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit?

This is a hot topic since so many interpret as they wish and as it fits their needs. However the Bible tells you directly that the Holy Spirit will inspire you in reading the Word of God, will bring you Joy and Peace, and will encourage you to keep in the word of God as long as you make that choice to do so. The Holy Spirit does not give you a direct phone line to God to speak to God, you can do that with your Prayers. The Holy Spirit does not protect you, for your Faith alone will protect you when you have Faith in Jesus. If you lose Faith and wonder why you are sick or being hurt or tortured, its time to bring yourself back to Jesus and accept the outcome, even if it means your death in your final trial. You will be tested no matter who you are, you will be punished, you will be spit on and perhaps killed, but if you heart is with Jesus you should never fear what others can do to your flesh, for only fear God who can do worse to your soul.

What is Faith?

Faith is knowing through absolute Trust. If you have Faith in Jesus and ask Him for something and it does not happen, then you need to work more on your Trust with Jesus. You cannot doubt Jesus when you ask for something, but it must be good and not bad of what you ask, for Good will happen and the bad will not. There is a difference between confidence and Faith. Confidence is within yourself that feeling you are confident something will happen, but without faith it will not. This will only hurt your ego and your confidence and nothing else will be gained. If you say you have Faith in Jesus, Trust Him Fully with your life and soul and know Jesus will do as you ask and you can do anything you ask that is good upon the Lord Jesus. Jesus will help those who have Faith and fully Trust Him, but Jesus will also help those who are good in their hearts just as God helped Noah, but to get what you ask for such as healing and protection, you must have absolute Faith and that means ABSOLUTE TRUST in Jesus. You must never doubt, not even one single thought of doubt in your mind and not one feeling of doubt in your heart to have absolute Faith in Jesus.

How can you know Jesus personally?

First you learn what Jesus has done for you, read those books Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John and get to know who Jesus is and what He did for all mankind including you. Then Pray and talk to Jesus as He is your best friend. Talk out loud if you want, so what if people think you are nuts, you are talking to Jesus not to them. Pray all through the day and rely upon Jesus for all things. For your work, for your food, for your bills, for your family, for your strength and health, and always ask for Guidance in what you should do in your time to spare. Remember, you can watch TV and eat popcorn or go out and save a soul by teaching them the word of God or standing on a street corner and sharing the word of God with others. Go to retirement homes and spread the word to those who have been battered through life, that are at the end of their road and need Jesus more than anything. Get Bible studies going several nights a week. If you are single, start a singles Bible study. If you are a teen, start a teen Bible study. Yes, you can go play and enjoy your life, but keep Jesus close to you even when you play and or go golfing, skiing, or swimming. Keep some time for you and Jesus, do not fill up your entire day with so much you cannot spend some time with Jesus every day as well, for He wants to spend time with you as well.

How should Christians date?

That is up to you for the most part, but to keep it a solid Christian date with the other person of the opposite sex (note, there is no gay dating allowed in Christianity for God hates lust and gay is nothing but lust). You should avoid doing things that allow you to be tempted by the other or by yourself. Keep people around you at all times if you can, like dinner and talking hours after dinner in a populated place. If you cannot have that type of setting, then invite another dating couple and make it a double date. If they start to get sexual or touchy in a way that could lead them into temptation, speak up even if they won't go on another date with you and your date again. At least you did the right thing at the right moment and being a Christian means speaking up for good to prevent bad things from happening to others. There should never be sex before marriage, for this will only lead you to lust after the other person and what you think is love will only be lust as you will want to only have sex with the other person and not love them completely with your heart. You will want to try and stay focused on your duty for God even when in a date. Enjoy your date, but enjoy their mind and their personality and get to know them and who they are, but physical temptation no matter how strong it will be must be avoided. God always gives you a way out of temptation, so don't be a weak idiot, be strong and wear the shield of Jesus upon you and you will not fall. when the temptation comes, it is very easy to say, NO, I won't do that. No, I will not let myself become evil, No, no no no. If it gets to the point you are about to commit a sin, just get up and walk away and go to the bathroom, Pray for strength, if you are at that point where you cannot resist the temptation, then you need to stop the date and go home and or find someone to drive you home and be angry evil is trying to tempt you for evil only wants to destroy you and kill you for evil does not want you to go to Heaven and be with Jesus. Evil hates you and will tempt you every moment of the day if it has the chance to do so. So wear that shield of Jesus proudly and carry the sword of righteousness and be ready to defeat evil at all times.

Is Virginity Sacred?

Yes, virginity is sacred as it is pure, it means a woman has never been with a man. It was the choice of God to bestow upon the Virgin Mary to have Jesus for she was pure.

Should a man marry a virgin or can he marry a woman who is not?

Today, the world does what it wants, it has abandoned the Bible and has made a belief to fit their own needs and wants. Why would God make a woman have a Virginity if it didn't have its purpose? Well, some doctors say one thing, but they are not sure, however, God Created Eve long before there was any doctor on this planet and it was that Virginity was a sacred part of marriage between man and a woman, for when she gives her virginity and accepts the man to her, that is a sacred marriage by God. The Bible shows it is very important to marry a virgin and women should keep their virginity and a man who takes it away from her is married to her and must accept her as his wife. Today, young girls are losing their virginity because they feel it is a hindrance or something they can give up so easily without knowing its true meaning. It is the same today as it was when Adam and Eve first lay down together and the two became one. It is by the sacred blood of virginity that a covenant of marriage takes place. This is because so many places all through out history had no churches, no pastors, no priests, and the marriage between a man and a woman was joined by the blood of the virgin and the man she lay with. Yes, it is very important for a man to marry a virgin for the marriage will be sacred and a marriage in God through that virginity. However, if the woman has been married and lost her husband she can marry again and it will still be a marriage in God. Then there is the case where young girls lose their virginity and they get married in a church, is that marriage sacred? No, that marriage is not sacred because she is already married to the man she gave her virginity to. She must go to the man who she lost her virginity with and get a divorce first before she can marry another, which in the Bible can be done by the man saying he divorces her three times and releases her or if she has a divorce decree on paper from him. If she does not do this, she will be committing adultery each time she sleeps with another man, even if it is the man she married in a church, for that marriage is only one by State and not by God. Gods marriage is by blood or by the covenant of which God has said, if the woman loses her husband, then she can marry again if she is a widow, but if she does not lose her husband and goes off with another man, she is committing adultery and the man who sleeps with her is committing adultery. This is why it is extremely important for young women to keep their virginity until marriage. For in God marriage is through Blood or unless she is a widow she can marry again, any other way, she must have a degree of divorce from the man who took her virginity so she can marry again. Otherwise, she is an adulterous.

What if a woman is raped and loses her virginity?

It says clearly that it is still marriage and the man must pay a price for the woman, but today he just goes to jail. So what then? well, she should still ask him for a decree of divorce, which is going to be hard since some are not in a good mental state and may not do this easily or want to at all. If we are to do things right and do it by the Bible and keep the word to our hearts, we must try to live in the word and do it right. It is not easy for a woman to confront the man who raped her, nor for a child to see a man who raped them, but it should be done no matter how hard it is and get that decree of divorce as you can always tell the rapist it is your religion to do so and you have to do things right. when a woman was raped in the past, during and before Jesus had come, the woman who was raped could never marry unless she got a decree of divorce first. They were true to themselves and to Gods word and to the law. So soldiers who wanted to take over an area would conquer and area, they would rape the women at times to make sure they could not have children and or could not marry other men. It was a way of controlling an area as well, so the people could not raise children and later raise an army against their enemies. Things have not changed, the world has accepted a different version which is not Gods so it fits all those who want to do what they want, but they are not living in Gods will nor are they living in the word of God.

How can you correct you marriage if you lost your virginity to someone else in the past?

Go find the man took your virginity and ask for a decree of divorce, he may look at you strangely, he may scoff, but it is important that you have your marriage to anyone else a pure marriage. So no matter how hard it may be, how embarrassing it may be, how angry your husband gets even if you explain it to him, you must do it to make sure you are living in the word of God and not committing adultery for the rest of your life, even with your new man you are with.

What if the man is overseas and you don't know where he is? What if he changed his name?

Do what you can to find him, if you cannot, then you will have to Pray to God to release you of your marriage with that man, that God will see it upon Himself to confirm that you cannot find the man you lost your virginity to and you cannot ask for a decree of divorce, since the man may have changed his name or does not want to be found. God knows what is going on and He will set things right if you try to make things right yourself with your past. In that, make sure you ask Jesus for Forgiveness for all the times you were with other men or with your husband in that you may have committed adultery. Ask God for that release of your past marriage to any man you lost your virginity to and God will do the rest and have Faith it was done and you will be set free from that marriage to live your new marriage without adultery from the past marriage.

Does the Old Testament Laws and Commandments still hold today?

First, the Laws and Commandments given by God in the Old Testament still hold today, but you have to know which ones God actually said were His Laws and Commandments and which were made up by man. The most obvious is the 10 Commandments which Moses was given to give to the people that were written in stone. These we can know were actually from God. There are those that say you must stone a harlot to death, which God never said such a thing for it conflicts with the 10 Commandments so that law to stone anyone was a man made law and not Gods. So, you will have to go through and find which laws were mans laws and which were Gods laws, for if they were just said this is Law and not said by Jesus or written in Stone by God Himself, then you can question whether the law is Gods Law or not. The 10 Commandments are a given as they are Gods Commandments to everyone you must live by as well. So when in Question, stick to the 10 Commandments and you will be fine from the Old Testament.

Should Christians go to war or fight for God or their family?

Yes, Christians can go to war, but fighting for God is one thing, fighting for you family is another and fighting for your Country is yet another. All are separate, all are different in their course and all have different objectives. Fighting for your country is not always what you think it is you are fighting for. The Governments have many plans in mind for their objective which is far from what you are thinking you are fighting for, which they prey upon and use to make you think you are fighting for your freedom, family and religion. So before you go out and sign up to fight some war, know what you are getting into and know once you are in the military they can have your fight for any reason they want you to fight for and it may not be what you think you are fighting for and it surely is not for God or your family they could care less about them, they have their own agenda in mind. Christians must fight for the word of God, but doing it legally is best since to avoid bloodshed is a peacemaker and Christians should always be peacemakers. War should only come when your enemies are at your front door to harm you or your family, then you fight and shed blood if you have to. That is your God given right. If you want to defend the word of God, become a lawyer or attorney and fight for the freedom of the Church and Freedom of Religion. Do it legally first, God asks you be a peacemaker first and always, but when they come to take your Bible away and burn down your church, then you have the right to fight and how you do that and what you do is up to you, but try to keep the commandments and just maim the enemy or wound them with leg shots and try not to kill as much as possible or at all if you can. If you are outnumbered and they take away your Bible and burn down your Churches, then move to a place you can worship freely. That is your only other option.

Will Jesus come in the Flesh to rule over Earth for a 1000 years?

Many still wonder and have their own ideas of what will happen when Jesus comes again. Truth is, when Jesus comes again, it will be upon the clouds and the skies will grow dark, the stars will fall and the sun will become dark. It will be Judgment Day, the day when Jesus Judges the Living and the Dead. Jesus spoke of this day and tells exactly what will happen on that day. The rule of a 1000 years has been going on, since Christianity is taking over the planet much faster and the 1000 years before is when satan ruled the earth when there was far worse turmoil, less Christians and Christians were killed for even believing in Jesus and speaking of the word, today we see a mass revival going on in the world even though only a few Christians are killed, you can still practice and believe in Christianity freely in most of the world today. If we want to get within a time line of how many years before Jesus returns, we can add 2000 years to the day Jesus was Crucified and get a round idea, but we still don't know if it is accurate or not since nobody knows the day or year Jesus will come. So why try to figure it out? I guess some want to think they have time to prepare and or do what they want before Jesus comes again or that they will have time to understand the word of God more or what ever the reason will be they want more time for. Some say it will be 2012, others say 2020, others say 2030, who knows when really. We just better have our hearts towards Jesus at all times since He may come tonight or tomorrow. The other thing is, the dating and times in those days when Jesus was alive was much different from the time we know today. Their years were longer, ours are shorter. so in order to even figure out a time period, you would have to figure out the time differences then add 2000 years from the date Jesus was Crucified and then you still don't know if Jesus will just come tonight or tomorrow since even the Angels in Heaven don't know the day Jesus will return. If the Angels don't know, how do you expect yourself to find the day Jesus will return? So its just silly to even try to find the day. Just remember, Jesus will come in the Spirit upon the Clouds, the sun and stars will fall away and darken, and it will be the Day when Jesus Judges the world and He will take those who are His Children and followed Him home to Heaven. Everyone else who didn't follow Jesus and Love Jesus are not going to be so lucky.

Is there marriage in Heaven?

No, Jesus says you will be like the Angels and no one will marry after death. No one will marry in Heaven, for once you leave this world in death, you will not be married anymore. You will not remember this world, you will not remember your loved ones, for all that happens in this world will be forgotten. You will not have Children in Heaven, for this is the only place in this lifetime you will have Children. So if you want to have Children, do it on this world while you can, this is your only chance. This is your only chance to be married. So find a good wife or a good husband and enjoy them, for they will not be remembered after this world and you will not be married after this world.

Are Mormons Christian?

Ok, anyone who believes in Jesus and Loves Jesus is a Christian no matter what you call your Church, however, if you distort the truth and the word of God is not what it was, then the Church is just misleading people into a false belief and it becomes a cult. Mormons believe in marriage in Heaven, they believe the more children they have the greater a god they become. Silly isn't it. They believe Joe Smith was a prophet, which cannot be true as well since John said anyone who adds to Revelations will have plagues added upon them as well and taken out of the book of life. So Joe Smith is condemned and anyone who follows him should understand what they are getting into since it is a religion based upon a false prophet. However, they may saved if they Love Jesus and Believe in Jesus enough, so even though the religion is screwed up, still some may be saved through their Faith and Love in Jesus. They will just realize they won't be gods or be married in the end when Jesus comes. The worse part is, all that time they spend studying the false prophet and his false teachings they could have spent studying the true word of God and learning about Jesus and knowing Jesus more. So they are wasting time basically in all the other false and useless things when they could be using that time to know Jesus and Love Jesus and do Gods will that the Bible actually says to do, not go chasing after a false prophets dreams who only condemned himself.

What is the biggest threat to Christians today?

The New World Order is a network of evil men and women that work for satan. Their desire is for power and money and nothing else. In the process they also want the world for themselves and to control all that is in the world including all religions, the economy, and energy. Christians are their biggest threat since Christians have the ability to stop them since Christians are good and love freedom and depend on God for everything. Well if you heard about the NWO and their plan to wipe out 3 billion people in the next 20 years by plagues, viruses, or disease you heard right. They plan to kill as many as they can with war, disease or putting poison in your foods to make you sick and die faster. I thought it was all garbage till I watched a video that had the Bilderbergs, Rockefeller s, and many other people give their own words what they plan to do to the world and to all who live here. It will be a world of slaves, a world that will live by only one religion they choose to create with their own anti-christ and a world controlled by them and they control everything in the world. A one world Government owned by the banks who then are owned by the New World Order group. They don't care how pretty you are, how good you are, how smart you are or what you did in your past, they don't even care if you are on their side, they plan to kill everyone and have only a few million left as slaves to wipe their butts, fetch their food and grow crops for them and their children and their children s children. A one world filled with slaves and only 7 rulers left, which the Bible says are the 7 beasts who rule the world. Anyway, in order for Christians to survive the future, you will need to prepare for it and do it quickly since the NWO is speeding up its plans and doing as much damage to the world as possible and killing as many as possible in the next 20 years. They will do it through war, disease and yes that means the bird flue, swine flu, and any other new lab virus they can create. The flu's are easy to defeat, pine needles boiled twice to make a tea contain more vitamin C than a lemon and flu only causes scurvy from the lack of vitamin C so if you drink or eat a lot of vitamin C that is natural (Not Pills) then you will survive. Rose hips are also natural vitamin C, but buy the rose hips from the store or buy a book on which roses are poisonous and which are edible. Plan for future organic foods, grow your own, buy seeds. Plan for future clean water, drill your own wells and have filters available for cities to filter out the fluoride and chlorine. Have an escape route, if there is martial law and people are sent to FEMA camps to be turned into ashes, get your family to a safe place. Build your shelters deep under ground if you can and have the land to do so. Plan to meet other family members in another part of the country or somewhere you can start a new life. Know how to build a shelter out of rock and simple wood and clay. Know how to make a fire from just using sticks. Know what plants to eat in the wild, buy books and take them with you to help you do these things. If you are determined to survive, then prepare and get all you need now, for time is short and you don't have much time left. If you are in a bad place to be when martial law happens or when a virus breaks out, move now to a more unpopulated area. Buy as much land as you can for as cheap as you can. The further it is away from a city the cheaper land will be. The further back in the mountains, the cheaper it will be yet. Get off your butts and get ready and move if you have to, but do it now, time is growing short and the NWO isn't wasting their time waiting for the new episode of Star Trek to come out, they are working day and night on their evil plans to get things done, so you should be working every spare minute in preparing and getting ready for what is to come.

Cancer cures:

An alkaline body is a body that is free from cancer. Know this simple fact. No cancer cannot live in an alkaline body. You can eat all the other nutritious foods that fight cancer as well, even take vitamin B-17 which is found in almonds and apricot seeds, but if you have an alkaline body you cannot get cancer. If you have cancer, it will destroy the cancer if you make your body alkaline. Some things you can do to help keep your body alkaline throughout the day is put slices of lemon in your water, avoid fluorine or chlorinated water if possible, eat organic foods and read those labels which most food sold in stores and restaurants contain deadly chemicals that harm you and destroy your body, so eat well, get exercise and keep your body alkaline and you will be in tip top shape.

Is Gambling a sin?

First, when God provides you with something even through your work and you just throw it is away, it is unwise and disrespectful to God. If you are unwise and have gambled, which most of us have at one time or another either in a card game, a bet between friends, bought a lotto ticket, or just sat down at the poker machine and threw some money in we were all unwise. That money you just wasted could have put a tank full of gas in your car, paid an electric bill, or you could have given it to the poor. Those people who own the casinos are not your friend, they care less about your problems and if you have to feed your family, but they will feed on your pocket book and walk away laughing as it is just blind stealing since you cannot see the person stealing from you, but the machines are rigged to give them the most money. Gambling was designed to one person who runs it can get the most winnings even if the other person wins some back, they still walk away a loser. Do not be unwise with your money, for God wants you to be wise in all ways and know the criminals are out there to steal your money any way they can. Christians should not gamble.

Is it right for Christians to own a casino?

No it is not right for a Christian to own a casino, and it is surely not right for a Christian to work in one either. If you do, quit and find an honest job that you can be working with the Lord in. Christians should not steal, one of the Ten Commandments remember? If you own a casino, you are stealing from honest people. You are living a life of sin if you own a casino and if you are working there, you are supporting the cause of stealing from honest, hard working people. Remember, casinos are evil places and are there to take your money and not there to give you money. They are there to give the person who owns it a profit and you cannot beat the odds against you in a casino. It is a sin to own a casino or to Gamble and be unwise.

Is it ok for Christians to Drink?

Even Jesus had a glass of wine with His disciples, but you must refrain from getting drunk. Some wines and even brandy is good for the body as it thins out the blood, but beer is not good for you and it isn't even worth drinking as it has been treated with chemicals. Drink with a meal is fine, drinking just to get drunk is unwise and just being a rebel against God.

What is the right way to interpret the Bible?

First, the books of the Bible were written by many people. Yes, the books were inspired to be put together for others to learn about, but not every word was inspired by God to be written down. Most of the Bible is a series of historical events, much like a history book. The rest is documented events which took place that was inspired to be gathered together to make the Bible so others may know what took place and learn about God and His Son Jesus. Now, the Bible does not need to be interpreted, for it is written in a basic language for all to understand. Those who think there is a message between the lines or a hidden passage are wrong, for there is none. If there is something in question such as what Paul writes in one of his letters in Corinthians that you are finding is much different from Mathew, Mark, Luke, and Johns books, then just pass over Corinthians and avoid reading it and if you do, remember Paul was more like a rebel who had superstitious ideas that included speaking in tongues which he himself interpreted wrongly since the original Hebrew text the word tongues means a spoken language that was actually spoken at that time. So now today, people misinterpret the word in Corinthians and as Paul did and think there is a heavenly language that people can speak, but nobody else can understand which is just a bunch of gibberish and God knows what you say in plain English and speaking in a tongue nobody can understand or even that person can't understand is just fantasy. So, the word is read like it is written, but keep the the original books that were in the first original Bible which was Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, Revelations and Acts and Romans. Paul's letters (Corinthians) were not added till 600 years later in North Africa by some Bishops. Just remember that. So Paul's letters (Corinthians) was not inspired to be put into the Bible, it was in fact voted upon by the Bishops whether it should be included or not. In fact, over 52 books were not added to the Bible as the Bishops voted upon each one and which should be added and which should not. Corinthians was not inspired, it was a vote that got it into the Bible. The only books originally inspired to be put into a bible were those in the very first New Testament Bible written after Jesus had been Crucified, all other books were not inspired, but were voted upon by Bishops. You should look at the history of the Bible for it is really interesting and good to know about. The very first Bible ever written was written by Moses which was inspired from God through Moses. In the New Testament, just stick to the words Jesus said and you will have the word as true as it can be.

Is what we are taught in public schools all wrong?

If it is history, then yes. If it is talking about evolution, then yes. Problem is the scientific community that makes up the text books for science does not allow Christianity to be taught, for all scientists much be Atheists and must believe in Evolution so there is not one single scientist that is Christian in the scientific community. Makes you think now doesn't it.

Have you ever hard about the Pyramids in the Grand Canyon that had inscriptions on the walls that had both dinosaur and man in the same pictures? Have you heard about the Giants found in the mountain caves in Arizona?

They were found wearing armor, their tables were twice as high as ours today, they had bowls of gold so big and heavy it took several men to carry them out. Their swords were over 6 feet long. The Smithsonian institute took them out in the late 1800's into the ocean and dropped them into the sea so no one would ever know. It would have changed history books forever. Did you know some of the Hopi Indians are of Egyptian decent which proves the Egyptians were here at one time?

Did you know the single atom can put out 300,000 more times its own energy?

Was there anything in the textbooks about ice being found on the moon? That there was a mars exploration in 1962 with both US and USSR nations involved which landed on Mars and found life? All documented and the news finally came out, with videos as well. They also never tell people that they knew back in the 1970's that earth was being visited by over 32 different worlds. They figured it would cause a panic, so they kept it silent. Later we find out the Government just wanted the technologies and didn't want the world getting it before they did. Too much to handle? Oh come on, you handled life and death, you can handle anything. Did you know there are thousands of people who can levitate? Recently in the past few years it has been catching on worldwide and there are even several groups that teach you how to do it. It was all physics and not magic or evil. Just the flow of negative ions surrounding the body by focusing on them to make you levitate. People were just never taught how to do it, so they never were able to. It is believed it started in Iraq several thousand years ago, but slowly drifted to India where it is taught still today. There is also remote viewing, telepathic abilities and so much more that anyone can do if they just were taught how to do it. You can find declassified manuals how to do all these online as well. It is not evil, it is not magic, it is just the ability we all have that we were never taught how to do. Do you know you can read entire pages in seconds? Wow, wish they taught me that in school. Well the reason was is because they wanted limited education taught in schools so people would not learn as much or know as much. Well, there are tons of free classes to take online how to get your own photographic memory as well, even read pages in seconds within a few weeks of practice. Advance yourselves, know the truth, get the truth, be better and wiser.

Knowledge is power and those who want control do not want you to have these things or know them. Yet, they cannot even do some of these things themselves. which would make you more advanced then they are. I challenge you to learn as much as you can and know the truth.

A Sumerian proverb says, "One who teaches truth brings life, those who learn from the one that teaches truth also bring life."

Knowledge is power. Use it.

So why is this so important?

Why do they want to push evolution on the world?

For years the Russians could not find a way to take over the US, in fact even trying to destroy the US through degrading morals and values was impossible unless they got rid of Christianity. Well, it wasn't the Russians that picked up the idea and made it into textbook style learning for students in all US schools, it was another group designed and financed by those who wanted to destroy the US from within. They are also called the New World Order, the Bilderberg group, the 300 club or Rome and go by other names. What was their logic on doing such a thing? To degrade religion as a whole and create a new religion that allows the people to think there is nothing wrong with eliminating another human being. It was just another way to find a logical answer to depopulate the world so it was more controllable. The less people, the easier they are to control. Once they achieved this, they would make things so bad in the world with terrorism, chaos, failing banks and money, wars, famine, massive oil spills and environmental disasters that they would be the ones who would come to the rescue when the people demanded something be done. Reason is because they will have all the money, they will own the banks and the entire economy of every Nation by this time. They will have bought out as many companies and banks as they could, then they will use it to take over the world in a New World Order. Problem, this has been tried by the English, the Spanish and before them Rome. The Vikings, the Asians, the Egyptians, and before them the Sumerians. Every one of them failed because people refuse to be slaves, even voluntary slavery is only bearable for so long. So in the end, by taking all values away from everyone, by creating a demoralized world, by making abortion accepted and genocide applauded they will use people against people and armies against the people until there is only 500 million people left on this planet to control. As they even put up a huge stone monument in Georgia in several different languages stating this fact, but you never see it in books. It can be found online. You can see it here and read about it:

Now, who will they keep alive? ONLY those who are extremely healthy, those who can offer something back to the New World Order such as in science, technology or in the Medical field. Everyone else who is sick, the elderly, the useless will be exterminated. Anyone who resists the New World Order will also be exterminated. There will be nothing left except young scientists, physicists, mathematicians, all kinds of doctors in every field who are at the highest achievements, and those who are the best of the best in the military with excellent health. Guess that leaves out the other few billion people who are to be exterminated. It is a sick, evil plan. They must be stopped. Perhaps it is as it is written, the 144,000 will rise up in the end and defeat them, but not before billions lose their lives. There is still time, there is still time to prepare and go underground, build your shelters and get ready for the future. They have sped up their process as they are afraid more are finding out too fast about their plans. One of the major efforts to stop them is a team of people including Alex Jones. Found here, or you can listen to his radio station on his website.

Infowars, there is a war on for your mind

The New World Order wants to demoralize the world, to take away all values of life, to make people killers and zombies. To drug everyone into being a zombie that is not with them, to get rid of the weak and sick, to nationalize health care and use it for genocide to get rid of the elderly and the extremely sick faster, to use different types of lab created viruses and diseases to kill off millions, to get rid of new born children that are not wanted by post born abortions (murder) and to use every method possible to exterminate as many people before they use military force (The UN military forces already being prepared). That is what is coming. Are you Prepared? Unless you have a way to get off this planet, it matters to you and all of us who are stuck here. So why do Christians have to worry? Christians are their biggest threat. They believe Christianity is the only thing that can stop them from having full control. Christianity offers freedom, it offers hope, it offers the ability to stand up for what you believe in and provides values and morals to live by. As Christians, we will see many against us in those days and they are coming soon.

Is this all made up? No, I wish it was.

Is this all just to make us scared into living better lives?

No, you can do anything you want, nobody is forcing you do anything. This is warning you what is to come, it is telling you to prepare or suffer if you just want to ignore the facts.

How many people are there now against the NWO? Millions, it keeps growing every year. If we are lucky, perhaps we can stop them. They may rise up again some other time in the future, probably by another lunatic like hitler or another offspring of the Bilderbergs, but at least we can do our best to stop them in our lifetime.




Iraq sues US and Britain for using Depleted Uranium in Iraq that is causing birth defects.

High Levels of Depleted Uranium found in Gaza after Israeli attacks.

Soldiers returning home only to die from Cancers from the Depleted Uranium

More news about Depleted Uranium are found here at:

Get this news out to the entire world, Christians are also dying from this Depleted Uranium as well as millions of other innocent people. Our troops are dying and if you have relatives over there, get them home as soon as you can. Demand they return home.

Christians MUST SURVIVE.

It is time for a world wide Christian Revival! Spread the word.

God Bless and I hope you all find this information useful.

More to come in the future.

Pastor Tim Hohenz
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